global warming:

a data-driven investigation


(what am I looking at?)

Plotted data in black/grey are measurements. Red is spectroscopic modeling. If the two overlap, it means that the models are doing a good job of mimicking reality. The left two panels are analysis of 18 years (18 TB) of satellite data, which took me 3 years and $1,800 to finish.

(what am I looking at?)

Just like visible light is composed of individual colors at different wavelengths, so too is infrared light emitted from Earth at various wavelengths. Those particular wavelengths of infrared that are intercepted by CO₂ molecules show a decline in brightness over time (as CO₂ concentration rises).

Brief introduction to infrared radiation

How +300 ppm CO₂ is thought to dangerously warm the planet

Data and updating prior expectations

Averaging many models doesn't improve accuracy

A comfort with calculus, physics of radiation, and python recommended for this section

Derivation of elevation of emission from first principles

Manuscript pre-print, not yet peer reviewed

Download and install my python program to analyze AIRS data yourself