2009 Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader

2009 WRAP Award 2009 – Dow Chemical, Process Water Recycle Project

2007 BP Hydroprocessing CoP Gallagher Award

2006 BP Hydroprocessing CoP Outstanding Achievement Award

2005 BP Hydroprocessing Outstanding Achievement Award

2003 Landes Technical Communication Prize

2003 Merck Engineering Technology Fellowship Scholar

2002 James B. Angell Scholar

2001 Organic Chemistry Student Achievement Award

2001-03 The University of Michigan Honor Roll

2000 Special Recognition Award – The Dow Chemical Company

1999 Peer Recognition Award – The Dow Chemical Company

invited presentations

2020 Virtual "Concept to Commercialization - Navigating Process Development and Scale-up Challenges"

2018 UC Davis “Chemical Engineering Heuristics and Mental Models”

2018 Co-chair National AIChE Process Development Symposium Chicago

2018 Stanford “Collaboration Between Chemists and Chem Engineers”

2017 Canadian Brewers Association “Renewable Packaging Materials”

2017 Midland, MI AIChE “Start up life compared to corporate life”

2017 UC Davis “Two successes and a failure: scale up case studies”

2016 Ann Arbor, MI Omega Chi Epsilon “Chemical Process Equipment Cost Estimates”